Partnership with Go With Christ Mission

The international mission is a teamwork. The ministry, gift and participation of each person in the mission is very important. It is not possible to effectively perform the ministry alone. We are in need of each other and are important to the Lord. The Go With Christ Mission needs active, creative, full-of-ideas people who are able to unite around a global task. The task requires (1) reaching the lost and (2) educating the consecrated and spiritually mature church in Kenya. Together we can influence the lives of others, educate them and bring hope for a better future. We are open to your ideas and talents and desire for you to serve with your gift(s) in an unlimited capacity. Thus, to all partners and representatives, from different countries of the world, we say: «Welcome.»

Derek Prince Ministry

“Reaching the unreached. Teaching the untrained” is the main goal of Derek Prince Ministry. Driven by this very same goal, in 2021 we partnered with the SDP of East Africa. Lots of interesting work ahead!