Church in Africa

Sunday School that would impress both you and your friends.

Could you tell me, what kind of dreams do you have when you look at your children? Perhaps, you think that your son will become a doctor and your daughter will become a lawyer. So, you send your children to the best school and pay a lot of money for their education.

 Now imagine that you arrive at the church. And the pastor asks your children to leave the meeting hall and wander aimlessly in the street so that your children would not disturb the adults during the meeting. Hm… Such kind of Sunday School would impress both you and your friends.

 But this is what is happening in some village churches in Kenya. Why? Because adults do not realize that every child has a soul that needs to be saved. Adults treat their children only as shepherds or labors.

 We decided that we will not judge these people, but instead, we will help them start Sunday Schools in their churches. For several years our mission team did workshops to train Sunday School teachers.

 So, when we finished training the ministers, they opened 234 Sunday Schools where there are 15,000 children studying the Word of God.

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