Church in Africa

Pastoral seminars with Yuri Shcheglov who could not understand at all what clay was for.

— Do you know what color was the clay that Jesus anointed the blind man’s eyes with? — a Kenyan pastor asks his church. Someone replies,

— God wants to give us His righteousness and dress us in white clothes. So it was white clay that people build huts in my village where I was born.

— No! The clay was black as it is in my tribe, — shouts someone else. — For in the beginning, God shows to a person that his heart is as black as mud when it is raining. — The pastor makes a pause and continues his sermon,

— Brothers and sisters, the blood of Christ can cleanse a black heart of a person. That is why the color of the clay that Jesus anointed the blind man’s eyes with was red as in our village…

Dear friends, let’s not judge these people too strictly. Believe me, you would speak the same things if you were the pastor in the Pokot tribe.

Pastors have no theological training. And we face a similar situation not only in the Pokot tribe, but also in the villages on Mount Elgon. We wanted to help the ministers and do seminars for them.

For three years in a row Yuri Shcheglov came to visit us, and each time we trained about 300 pastors. This year we organized some work with the Pokot tribe, as well as with a group of pastors from Uganda who live on the border of Kenya.

We gave as a present Derek Prince’s books written in English and Swahili to everyone who visited the seminar. The ministers also received a book, «The Pastor» written by Matts-Ola Ishoel.

Let’s remember that each of us is like clay in God’s hands. And when we hear God’s Word, the Lord «molds» His image in us.

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