About us

Welcome to Go With Christ mission.

For more than 15 years we participated in missionary work until the Lord called us to open a mission in Kenya. In November 2015, God showed us a dream of us moving into the “black continent” during the rainy season. In the dream, we unloaded our things in the haylofts and hid from the pouring rain in a church made of clay with an iron roof. In the church, there was loud African worship and a child, without a shirt, ran around. I was told that this is the pastor’s son and he is without a shirt because God raised him from the dead. In September 2017, at the climax of the rainy season, our plane landed in Nairobi. Every little thing in the dream was fulfilled in reality. We appeared to be at the center of the will of God; and now we invite you to Kenya.

Our vision

Our vision is the development of Kenyan internal mission. We want to create a platform for collaboration of volunteers, missionaries and local churches. This way we will help them grow and influence the society. The training of local ministers will enable them to serve and plant churches effectively. Through the work of the educational center in Nakhosi and the like, we will be able to reduce illiteracy among children and adults. We also want to organize a permanent channel for providing Kenyans with bibles, teaching material and literature.

Light of the Gospel Church

Alex and Alyona Pekun

Do we know how people become missionaries? Is there a logical explanation for their sacrificial actions? The answer to this mystery is hidden in the image of Messiah’s appearance on the Earth. Jesus became the first missionary. Isaiah 50:5 says, «The Lord God has opened my ear to me, and I have not resisted, I have not stepped back.» The missionaries can be called people, who have an open ear who hear two voices distinctly. The voice of God’s heart and the voice of those who cry for help. Stand up for us! Show us the way!! Think about our salvation!!! Feed us bread and do not let us die before our time! These are voices calling all over the face of the earth. This is evoked by children, as well as strong men, stately women and helpless old people. This is the call of the perishing. The voice of their call is heard by someone. These people, we honorfully call the missionaries! Not opposing and not retreating, paying the full price, they rush to Africa, India, Asia… rush to the voice calling for help. The church is called upon to not leave them alone, but to take part in their battles and in their mission work. Let not schools be built without us! Not without us, new shelters open! Not without us let the churches be planted! Let it be our mutual cause for celebration!

I (Alena) met Olga and Guntars on one of my mission trips to Africa. Although we came from the same city, our acquaintance happened in Africa. I can say with certainty that for them, Africa has become not a place of comfortable life, but the place to which they brought the voice of God’s heart. They need our help. Our participation and support, as planted seeds, will bring a powerful harvest!

Alex and Alyona Pekun,  Light of the Gospel Church

Agape-Russian Ministry’s

Alexander and Nina Sharapov

Olga and Guntars Donets are Christian missionaries, and we know their work.

A Christian missionary is a person who dedicates his life to the fulfillment of the Great Commission: preach the gospel, baptize and make disciples of Jesus Christ (Matthew 28: 19-20). Olga and Guntars are Christian missionaries, and we, personally, respect these people. They not only spread the gospel, but also carry out practical services: the construction of biblical schools. They are hardworking, they sacrifice their lives for the love of God. Olga and Guntars are people who have devoted their whole lives to reaching people desperate for Jesus Christ. We are confident that Jesus means more to them than anything in the world, and bringing others to Jesus is more important than comfort.

They are filled with a passion for God, able to receive the Word of God and apply it to others. We encourage everyone to participate in their projects in spreading God’s Word.

Alexander and Nina Sharapov,  Agape-Russian Ministry’s

Pastor, missionary, Founder of the resource News of Christianity.

Sergey Morozov

Missionary is serving at all times! It is not transitory and does not go away! It’s right here, and it’s right now! It is given to every Christian, but not everyone is ready to accept it! Missionary work is an honorable service given by God Himself! And the one who accepted this, has the right to translate God’s ideas into reality! There is fullness of goodness and mercy in missionary work! All the nations have learned of Jesus Christ as the Savior, precisely through the first missionaries! Many missionaries laid down their lives, so that many people would turn to the Lord! Missionary is the ministry of saving God Himself! God’s salvation serves every nation! God bless every missionary on the Field of God!

Pastor, missionary for more than 25 years in Central Asia, Founder of the resource News of Christianity.

Sergey Morozov

Founders and leaders of the mission “Jesus UnLimited”

Stan and Lana

A mission begins with a prayer, but does not end there. Jesus told the disciples to ask the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers to gather the harvest. Luke 10:2 But the next verse He says — Go…We must pray for countries and continents, but if we don’t go there, we do not fulfill the Scriptures. Prayer is the beginning of a mission, and a missionary sent by God is a continuation. Guntars and Olga responded to the call of the Lord of the harvest and went in order to bring the Kingdom of God to new territories. Let us support them in this work for the glory of God.

Founders and leaders of the mission «Jesus UnLimited».

Chernous Family

Founders and leaders of the «Captivate Women’s Network»

To fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus, Our Lord, everywhere and wherever our feet go, has become the work of our whole life in our family. It all began in early childhood, when Olya and I played geographical games and were dreaming of conquering countries and talking to everyone about Christ Jesus. Dreams come true if they are in the will of God. My friends family along with mine now understand the serious responsibility of bringing the Gospel to the nations and making disciples for Christ! We join Guntars and Olya to carry the Light of the Gospel for the people of Kenya!!!

Founders and leaders of the «Captivate Women’s Network»

Andrey and Lilia Chernous

Larissa Gonchar,

Community Outreach Academy Principal

Don’t forget that the most important encounter of a person is with children.” These words belong to Janusz Korczak, a pedagogue, man with a big heart, who devoted his whole life to caring for orphans. Actually, he not only lived surrounded by his pupils, but also died with them in a gas chamber during World War II. I have always been inspired by people whose hearts are wholeheartedly been devoted to the upbringing and educating of children. So when I got acquainted with the projects of “Go With Christ” mission, my heart was burning with the desire to become part of there service to children in Kenya. For many years I have been leading Community Outreach Academy Charter School, which has more than 1,250 students. The motto of our school is, “Whatever it takes, our kids are worth it!” I sincerely believe that the mission “Go With Christ” in Kenya deserves all the respect and support. The construction of the school, the training of teachers, the opening of the library — all these plans and projects are aimed at serving the children and improving and healing the African continent. From my side, I will try my best to support the ministry of children in Kenya and may God help me in this.

Community Outreach Academy Principal,

Larissa Gonchar

Vadim & Tanya Pekun Founders of «Light to the World Internationale ministries.», charity project «Heart of the Child«

Laborers in the kingdom of God- this is how we can call Guntars and Olga, with whom we crossed paths precisely in the mission field in Africa. Together we served the Kenyan people: women, children, prisoners. Together we prayed, sang, served each other and people. For me, being in Africa was temporary, and I was in a hurry to go home. And for them, Africa is their home in which they live and serve. They sincerely, deeply, with all their hearts love these people and long for change for them.

A vision from the Lord is what drives this family. It costs a lot of work, constant prayers, & faithfulness to gradually move towards the goal and be a blessing for Kenya. Together we managed to implement several projects in the area where Guntars and Olga serve. Our ministry financially supported the very first children’s Christmas celebration on Mount Elgon. Together we were able to distribute clothes and blankets for pregnant women and small children, we handed out shoes, and fed the hungry. Together we began the first art school with the children & participated in medical projects. We continue to share our experiences with the Lord & our vision and plans for future projects.

Together we thank the Lord for the unity and opportunity to collaborate in God’s kingdom. It is impossible to put into words the importance of the work carried out by Guntars and Olga. We pray and bless them in the name of Jesus and we believe that God will finish the work that He began through them, and that the light of Jesus will shine forth in this nation through them. We believe that God through this family will bless this nation and that the changes will come in the name of Jesus.

Vadim & Tanya Pekun Founders of «Light to the World Internationale ministries.» Lttwm.org
Tanya Pekun Founder of the charity project «Heart of the Child«