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  • We believe in the importance of prayer partnership for missionaries and ministry. This is one of the ways how you can participate in the preaching of the gospel. Prayer opens up opportunities and keeps them open.
  • An acute need for teachers and for school supplies. We really need teachers for general studies and Sunday schools, who can transfer their experience to train local teachers.
  • We know how to make even a short two-week mission effective. We will organize the work so that both missionaries and the local residents are benefitted.
  • We ask that all the volunteers bring English books, preferable Christian, upon your arrival. Ideal books should educate on improving the qualifications of church teachers and teachers in general.

Check the validity of your passport so that it is valid for more than 6 months from the date of travel. The Kenyan visa is issued through the Internet on the website of the Kenyan authority. For more information email us.

A list of recommended vaccinations can be found at:

You know your body. Bring with you the medicines you use in your country for headaches, high or low blood pressure, and etc. For indigestion — activated charcoal; for restoration of the liver — vitamins for the restoration of the liver; for improving the work of the intestines, in case of malaria —  microflora. For disinfecting your hands bring an antiseptic, alcoholic gel. Prepare to drink only bottled water.

Depending on the duration of the trip, take a few pairs of comfortable sneakers. Make sure the shoe soles don’t have a deep protector. Otherwise, you will get tired of cleaning off dirt.

Do not take any fancy clothes with you. This is Africa! Clothes should be comfortable, easy to wash and you won’t be sad to spoil. The problem is red dust, which everywhere and very much spoils what you wear. Do not take things from synthetic fabrics. It’s hot.

Provocative clothes such as short shorts, are banned for your own safety. Best are long skirts, denim or capri. Regarding hygiene, best to consult with Olga, because not everything that woman needs can be bought in the country.

Upon arrival in Kenya From the moment you arrive to Nairobi, you are just a tourist. You desire to explore the country and travel through it. Everyone who offers you help such as offer you a ride and/or board, politely refuse with a “no, thank you”. Do not fall for souvenirs and exotic items, you are being offered 3-4 times the price they actually cost or worth. Do not keep money, documents, wallets in an easily accessible place. Best if you have a bit of cash on you and preferably pay for everything with a card. Do not fall for pity stories and beggars — adults and children — because not everything that you hear is the truth. Do not showcare your phone or a camera on the streets by taking pictures of everything. Watch your emotions and avoid conflicts.

Mobile communication, internet, electricity. Most likely the number you have in Kenya will not work and roaming will be very expensive. T-Mobile with international plan will work at moderate cost. You may take an unlocked phone with you, but do not carry it in your pockets. The local telephone operator’s card will cost around $5. This amount is enough to use for communication within the country. Internet is expensive; and depending on the amount of traffic consumed, costs can reach more than $150. Electrical outlets in Kenya are just like in America but are 220 watts.


For the life of the mission and its development, the help of volunteers is extremely necessary.

With each new person comes a new experience, a fresh look, ideas, gifts and talents. Everyone, whose heart has responded to the needs of Kenyans, is important to us.

Do you think that you are an ordinary person and cannot give anything special to these people?

We say to you: “You can!”

Because the simplest and most natural things you can do offers a valuable experience for Kenyans. You can inspire, teach, expand their horizon. With your personal example you can define what love, goodness, kindness, mutual assistance, sacrifice, and walking before God entails. Even a two-week stay in Kenya can be extremely efficient. We invite you to become part of God’s plan for Kenya today. Welcome to Go With Christ Go With Mission.

What is needed to become a missionary in Kenya:

  1. To know and love the Lord and have a calling in your heart for this ministry.
  2. It is desirable to have basic knowledge of English. In Kenya, there are 43 tribes and more than a hundred dialects. In one tribe, people can speak different languages and not understand one another. However, in all the schools of Kenya, they are taught two official languages—English and Swahili (Kiswahili). Almost all of the urban population speaks simple conversational English. All the tribes understand Swahili. In undeveloped localities, they only speak Swahili. Therefore, knowledge of English will increase your efficiency.
  3. Any of your skill sets, talents and/or your profession can become handy.
  4. Flexibility and the ability to adjust and evaluate your result is very important in this work. Critical evaluation of your actions, having an honest conversation with yourself, the ability to recognize mistakes will only make you stronger and more effective.
  5. The ability to quietly observe and draw conclusions is another important quality. We must be prepared for the fact that not everything that is applicable and effective in the Western world can be applied in Africa. We must understand that the Western system of education and approach to life have gone far ahead of the Third World. Therefore, a lot of things that are understandable for us are not always clear to them. This does not imply their unintelligence but challenges you to explain complex things in simple language.

Love, patience, diligence and respect are the list of qualities that will help you find a close connection with people of a different culture and society.


Wise trip planning


Quick adaptation — and you are a part of our international team

We NEED you

Our mission needs you — volunteers and missionaries, teachers, ministers, builders, medical workers


We believe in the importance of prayer partnership for missionaries and ministry. This is one of the ways you can participate in the mission of preaching the gospel