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Is your mouth getting dry? First, find an underground spring, then drill a well, and you will drink some water.

Imagine that you do not have drinking water not only in your house, but in the whole city.

So you walk to the river to wash your clothes and bring water home in plastic bottles. On the bank of the river, people wash their motorcycles, tractors, and animals also come there to drink.

 People who live on Mount Elgon face such kind of problem. We visited a village called Ite, and we found out that 6,000 people live there. We were shocked to see what kind of dirty water these people drink.

We thank God that this year a family from America donated money, and we were able to find a natural source of water and drill a well in this village.

Now people drink clean water. And this well is also used by the school that was recently built there.


Mount Elgon actually looks gloomy during the heavy rains of the cold season. Usually, it is raining for almost 6 months, day and night. At night, the temperature drops to 42 F , dampness and cold all around. People live in clay houses, which begin to fall apart from dampness. Due to the lack of earnings, income, not all people can even buy a blanket or warm clothes. Women and children freeze and get sick.

We have announced a fundraiser for the purchase of warm blankets. The women’s team with Tanya Pekun from Sacramento California, responded and fully supported this project. We could purchase 295 sets of blankets. Each of them included a blanket for mom and baby. The price of this kit was $ 7.45. For almost two weeks we collected pregnant women and young mothers, and in four villages each of them received their gift.

After 6 months, when we returned back to these villages, the elders and mothers told us that not one child died of hypothermia during the cold season. Thanks to those who supported us financially in this project.

Business for ministers.

Ancient wisdom says that it is better to teach a person to fish during a famine than to feed him with a fish. Over the past nine months, we have helped to open 19 little businesses for those who actively serve in the church. The total investment was about $ 7000.

Several projects have also been implemented to help widows and their children on Mount Elgon.

Now each of these businesses bring their owners income from $80 to $120. By local standards, this is a good income.

If you want to participate in such projects, write to us at and we will answer all your questions.

Food for Turkana

In connection with the pandemic: the closure of cities, the cessation of transport links for the delivery of food, famine began in the Turkana desert. In one of the pastor families, two children died of hunger, and among Christians, seven pastors died. Unfortunately, we learned about this late. Together with our partners in America and our team in Kenya, we were able to send two trucks of food to Turkana to somehow support our brothers in Christ. Of course, many thanks to partners and sponsors. Thanks to our translator William for the high-quality and mobile organization of people on site in Kenya.

Turkana Pastors’ Comprehensive School

Сovid intervened in our plans, but despite all the difficulties, rising prices and the closure of cities, we are starting a new, important, bold project in the Turkana Desert — to train pastors to READ and WRITE. In main time we know about 150 pastors from different parts of the desert and part of the Pokot tribe who cannot read, write; none of them even know the alphabet, they do not have the Bible, but they lead the church.

Each course is a 30 days intensive training. The classrooms are ready, the building is equipped, the desks are ready, the teacher is there.

You can see more detailed information and updates on the project on our website or via Facebook Instagram #GoWithChrist #GoWithMission

Water Well

In the village of Nakhosi, through the support of a generous sponsor, a 135-meter-deep water borehole was drilled with a 7-meter water tower construction, showers and washing clothes basins on the site. The project provides water for four villages with a total population of about 10,000.

School in Nakhosi

At the turn of 2019 — 2020, we opened the first school on Mount Elgon. In the village of Nakhosi, a mud hut was converted into a school. Windows and doors were installed, walls were reinforced, due to absence of electricity the roof was redesigned to allow natural light. A blackboard was hung on the wall and desks were brought in. By the beginning of the 2020 school year, in the first week of January, everything was ready.

Currently, the school can accommodate 58 children. Experience has shown that the first academic year was successful. Thanks to our teachers, the first students learned how to read and write in just four months.

Parents are asking to expand the school and recruit more students. Everyone was impressed by the result of the past year.

Clothes and Shoes

Every year, for three years in a row, thanks to our sponsors, we can help a large number of children in the mountains and villages.

In this way, we were able to distribute over 2000 pairs of shoes and a large quantity of clothing for the smallest inhabitants of Mount Elgon. We mainly do this in our medical clinics. Many children are exposed to the sand flea that lives in the soil. The problem of lack of shoes is one of the big needs, as well as one of the reasons why children have problems with parasites under the skin. We met children aged 12-14 who did not know how to wear shoes. They never had it.

In 2020, we brought a large amount of warm clothes to the village of Ite on Mount Elgon. The rainy season is very cold. Temperatures can drop to 42F (4-5C) at night. Many children get sick, so warm clothes are definitely a blessing for them.

Food for kids

For two years now, thanks to our regular partners, we have been able to feed children on Mount Elgon. Every week in four villages we eat up to 1200 children. The way it all began was the result of the prayer of our son Samuel. He often prayed during his evening prayer that we could feed the children on Elgon. God answered. A young woman wrote to us and offered to start feeding the children. She expressed a desire to cover all feeding costs in three villages and then another sponsor was added to a fourth village. The diet here is rather poor, so we feed the kids a good portion of protein and vitamins.

Seamstresses 2020

In January 2020, we ran a three-day apparel design test-class. The class was attended by 2 women who had already been trained in local courses. We studied sewing several types of clothing.

By the end of the session, the participants had made the perfect base for a pleated skirt. At the initial test course, it was revealed that the tailors did not have a basic knowledge for designing and sewing clothes. I would like to continue and give a more advanced course on the basics of European sewing, so that the craftswomen can raise their level of tailoring and become the best in their area. The basic knowledge of many generations of European tailors will help them sew efficiently, quickly and economically.

After completing the courses, the students were presented with good sewing machines. Each of them, with the knowledge they have, were able to open a small business in two different villages of Mount Elgon, making and repairing clothes.
Tanya Kaminykova