Our mission translates Christian books into Kenyan tribal languages.

People speak Swahili and English in Kenya. But each tribe prefers to speak their own language. That is why 90% of Kenyans cannot read or write English.

 The Scriptures have been translated into several local languages. But about 90% of rural pastors have no theological training. They also do not have any books in the language of the tribe where they work for the Lord.

 We translate books and print them in Swahili, Turkana, Pokot, and Nyangatom languages. During one year more than 700 pastors received materials that would help them develop their ministries.

 Since 2021 we have partnered with Derek Prince Ministries, which also translated many of its books. We distribute its books to pastors who live in western Kenya. We share the materials with people who live in Mount Elgon, the Turkana Desert and the Pokot tribe.

 We also bring these books to Uganda for Swahili speaking pastors from the Karamojong and Tepeth tribes. We distribute these materials among the Nyangatom tribe in Ethiopia and we have also reached out to South Sudan.

 This ministry requires a lot of finances. We would be happy if you partner with us and help us print books for Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia and Sudan.

Sunday School that would impress both you and your friends.

Could you tell me, what kind of dreams do you have when you look at your children? Perhaps, you think that your son will become a doctor and your daughter will become a lawyer. So, you send your children to the best school and pay a lot of money for their education.

 Now imagine that you arrive at the church. And the pastor asks your children to leave the meeting hall and wander aimlessly in the street so that your children would not disturb the adults during the meeting. Hm… Such kind of Sunday School would impress both you and your friends.

 But this is what is happening in some village churches in Kenya. Why? Because adults do not realize that every child has a soul that needs to be saved. Adults treat their children only as shepherds or labors.

 We decided that we will not judge these people, but instead, we will help them start Sunday Schools in their churches. For several years our mission team did workshops to train Sunday School teachers.

 So, when we finished training the ministers, they opened 234 Sunday Schools where there are 15,000 children studying the Word of God.

A conference for pastoral wives who live in the Turkana Desert.

Believe me, it is not easy to drive through the off-road desert for 8 hours. But the women who live on the border of Ethiopia were able to reach the city of Lodwar where we decided to organize our meeting.

 In Lodwar, together with our friends from the United States, we had the first women’s conference for the Turkana tribe. We wanted to educate those who could pass on their knowledge to others. So we invited 120 women whose husbands minister as bishops or regional coordinators.

 We talked about family, children and the character of a minister. We taught the women how to properly manage their finances. We encouraged them to develop their relationship with God and grow spiritually.

A special meeting where people received freedom from sins.

Could you me, if it is possible to change a person’s life in a few days? Certainly, yes. But such a person should encounter God and experience His presence.

 In the middle of 2021, our American team spent three days with youth leaders who live on Mount Elgon.

We taught them how to receive freedom from those sins that people cannot overcome for many years. We preached about how to grow spiritually and how not to return to the darkness of sin.

We prayed a lot during the meeting. And the Lord surprised us by how He changed the youth ministers, and they dedicated their lives to God even more.

Pokot tribal conference for women who cannot read.

We call the church in the Pokot tribe young, because the first time when this nation heard the gospel was only 20 years ago. And we can see that some people still follow their ancient pagan traditions, even though they have believed in Christ.

Do you know why it happens? People are uneducated. Just think about the fact that there were 400 women at our conference, but only three of them could read and write. That’s why nobody reads the Scriptures. That’s why nobody knows the teaching of the Bible.

Is your mouth getting dry? First, find an underground spring, then drill a well, and you will drink some water.

Imagine that you do not have drinking water not only in your house, but in the whole city.

So you walk to the river to wash your clothes and bring water home in plastic bottles. On the bank of the river, people wash their motorcycles, tractors, and animals also come there to drink.

 People who live on Mount Elgon face such kind of problem. We visited a village called Ite, and we found out that 6,000 people live there. We were shocked to see what kind of dirty water these people drink.

We thank God that this year a family from America donated money, and we were able to find a natural source of water and drill a well in this village.

Now people drink clean water. And this well is also used by the school that was recently built there.


Mount Elgon actually looks gloomy during the heavy rains of the cold season. Usually, it is raining for almost 6 months, day and night. At night, the temperature drops to 42 F , dampness and cold all around. People live in clay houses, which begin to fall apart from dampness. Due to the lack of earnings, income, not all people can even buy a blanket or warm clothes. Women and children freeze and get sick.

We have announced a fundraiser for the purchase of warm blankets. The women’s team with Tanya Pekun from Sacramento California, responded and fully supported this project. We could purchase 295 sets of blankets. Each of them included a blanket for mom and baby. The price of this kit was $ 7.45. For almost two weeks we collected pregnant women and young mothers, and in four villages each of them received their gift.

After 6 months, when we returned back to these villages, the elders and mothers told us that not one child died of hypothermia during the cold season. Thanks to those who supported us financially in this project.

Pastoral education 

Over the past three years, we have paid great attention to pastors of churches in very large areas. Many of the pastors have never been to any particular denomination, doctrine, or senior spiritual leadership instruction. But God blessed us during this time to touch more than 230 churches in the territories of Mount Elgon, Pakot and Turkana Desert. God has also blessed us to see the active growth of many of these churches. In many of them, the number of parishioners has at least doubled. Many churches became family-based: fathers and children, mothers and grandparents repented and started to attend churches. Many families, even pastor families, have re-established relationships after breakups and divorces.

And this is all team work. Thanks to Yuri Shcheglov, Eduard Denisyuk with his wife Natasha, pastor Vera Login from Chicago. They believed us, came and ministered to the pastors, and became part of missions in Kenya.

Business for ministers.

Ancient wisdom says that it is better to teach a person to fish during a famine than to feed him with a fish. Over the past nine months, we have helped to open 19 little businesses for those who actively serve in the church. The total investment was about $ 7000.

Several projects have also been implemented to help widows and their children on Mount Elgon.

Now each of these businesses bring their owners income from $80 to $120. By local standards, this is a good income.

If you want to participate in such projects, write to us at gowithmission@gmail.com and we will answer all your questions.

Food for Turkana

In connection with the pandemic: the closure of cities, the cessation of transport links for the delivery of food, famine began in the Turkana desert. In one of the pastor families, two children died of hunger, and among Christians, seven pastors died. Unfortunately, we learned about this late. Together with our partners in America and our team in Kenya, we were able to send two trucks of food to Turkana to somehow support our brothers in Christ. Of course, many thanks to partners and sponsors. Thanks to our translator William for the high-quality and mobile organization of people on site in Kenya.