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Medical ministry in Elgone

The problem with medicine on Elgon is that it’s non existent. There are practically no hospitals or medical clinics in the vast territory, which is 150 km long and about 50 km deep. The lack of medication is Prevalent in this area. People die from diseases that modern medicine easily resolves with vaccines or simple medication. The malaria occurs with severe complications and deaths. Dementia, loss of vision, and death would not occur if you give people the medicine for only $5.

Another huge problem is sand fleas. They lay its eggs under the skin of a human and grow into a big worm there. People do not have basic soap, water and shoes to protect themselves. Infected person simply have no knowledge of how to protect themselves and fight insects. Infection with sand fleas lead to loss of fingers and toes, severe fungal disease development, people lose the ability to walk and work, and they become disabled. This is a terrible sight. Children and adults suffer.

This year, we have been able to aid more than 2,000 people with on-site clinics. Most of them are children and elderly people. Together with medical care, we distributed over 2000 pairs of shoe, had visited 6 villages of Mount Elgon and provided medical assistance to everyone who came to recover from the sand flea. We also taught local church volunteers how to fight the insect and provided them with necessary materials and medicine.

Together with the pediatrician from Ukraine, Olga Gritsik, field clinics were organized. Olga was with us on Elgon for 20 days. During this time, we conducted 16 outpatient clinics in 6 villages. We provided medical assistance to more than 1,500 people. People received medical exam, medications, vitamins, and wound dressings. According to local pastors and elders, there has never been such a large scale of progress in their location. Good reports didn’t take long to come in. News of recovery from previously visited places began to reach us. People thanked God and us for returning them back to health or easing their sickness.

Next year we plan to expand this area, and create a platform for greater influence on the lives of people through medicine. After all, Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew 25: 31-46 teaches us that we shouldn’t be selfish but notice the pain of others. God takes care of those who are sick, and tells us to take care of them. If it matters to Him, it should be important to us. And this is another way to show God’s love for people.

Of course, the list of necessary for such projects is not small. We need medications, good doctors, translators, volunteers, an army tent for protection of doctors from the wind, scorching sun and sand. To reach distant points of Elgon, where there are practically no roads, we need a strong 4×4 car. So far, with the vehicle that we have, we can safely advance on Elgon only a maximum of 10 km, when the depth of the mountain range is 50 km. A good car is more than half the success of such medical trips.

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