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Even before my arrival in Africa, I treated this country like most of us. Who is going to be interested in a poor and forgotten country? Well, first of all- God. His children live there, the same as we are with you, and of course their fate is not indifferent to Him. God began to talk with me and change my thinking. He needs hands on this earth to do His work. I understand that it is a great privilege to be the hands of God. That’s how my project in Kenya started.

I am an artist. Got my education in Belarus, and now I continue my studies in America. The idea to conduct drawing lessons in Africa was from the Lord. Then I did not quite understand why children that do not know the alphabet need to learn to draw. When I arrived to Africa and saw these kids, everything fell into place. They turned out to be capable and talented for art more than I had supposed. We had a week of classes with children from Nakhosi who do not attend school. About 60 children of different ages participated, even mothers came to learn to draw. As I thought, many did not even know the name of the colors and saw the paint for the first time. We brought with us all the necessary material and began our classes. Most of the time we worked with paints, they learned colors, mixed them, and then they tried to copy the works of different masters. The week was very colorful and rich, in the end, I received many children’s masterpieces. Their creative thinking is different from the thinking of our children. I can say that; their imagination is richer and their desire to study is stronger. After all, they are devoid of any civilization, they do not have the Internet and various gadgets, and things of great importance in our civilized world. Children who are equipped with all these are too lazy for creative thinking.

I plan to continue go back and teach African children, as well as to train adults so that they can work with children independently. We also plan to hold an exhibition of children’s works. I appeal to all those involved in the education projects of the African nation. I want to inspire and encourage you, because the money invested in education will bring huge changes in Africa. Today, people of this continent need books and schools much more than humanitarian aid. If you give them an education now, they can help themselves in the future. Educated people will be able to change their lives and the lives of their children, which means they will be able to change the future of their country.

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