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Last year, we announced that one of the key focus of GoWithChrist mission would be increasing the level of education of ministers in the already existing churches on Mount Elgon.

We are glad that we can launch the project “Libraries”. In a very short time, literally in a couple of months, we had more than 300 good books at our disposal. Surly, half of them already found their readers this year. The craving to read and receive knowledge was from every reader. Students and adults, housewives and bishops of church associations, all got access to books. We were and remain open to all comers, but with one important requirement: books must be returned clean, not torn, so that others have the opportunity to form and grow spiritually.

Also, within the framework of the initiated educational project for Sunday school teachers, we were able to give to participated churches books and booklets that will definitely help them to learn new things and become more effective in serving people and God.

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