Church in Africa

The Bible

Over the course of this year, we have been able to lay a good foundation for a further program of study and bless our dear pastors and leaders in the service of holy Scripture and Christian books. Getting a Bible in places far from the big cities can be a big problem. Mainly, due to the ratio of income and price. In many places, the monthly income of a person is equal to the price of the Bible. Many cannot afford it.

That is why we were looking for ways to bless the pastors and their assistants. This year, with sponsorship from Russia and the United States, we were able to help more than 80 people to get hold of the Scriptures in their native language.

I would especially like to note the cooperation with Trans World Radio Kenya. In partnership with them, we were able to buy forty (40) Bibles with a significant discount for the churches of Mount Elgon.

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