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Workshops for pastors with Yuri Shcheglov

In December, my good friend and brother in Christ, a minister from the Good News Church of Moscow – Yuri Shcheglov, visited Mount Elgon.

On Elgone, we spent with Yuri three very productive weeks. We covered 9 points, and conducted 25 services that were visited by more than 80 pastors.

The focus was to support local churches on the mount. We called these pastor’s retreats “Agents of Change”. Yuri said that the church is intended to be the source of change in the standard of living and the quality of service in society. He spoke about the fundamental importance of renewing thinking and gaining knowledge, both in spiritual disciplines and professionally and on the clarity and purity of knowledge of the fundamental questions of the New Testament doctrine on the fact, that the main revelation for all Christians should be the answer to the question: “Who is God and who am I in Christ?”.

Trough the eyes of a missionary Yuri Shsceglov (part 1)

Trough the eyes of a missionary Yuri Shsceglov (part 2)

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